Start the badminton season in style – train properly for endurance!

Endurance training in badminton is an important factor that is often underestimated and (but also because) related to badminton or other game sports is usually not properly (specifically) trained. In swimming, it is clear that basic stamina is trained differently – but why should a sports athlete train the same as a 5000m runner? The following article is a guide to endurance training.

boys getting trained badminton

Basic stamina is an important issue and for many sports, summertime is the time to start and prepare for the season. The question is here, how should one construct this exactly and what should be considered. At the end of the day, good basic stamina is especially important for:

  1. a) Regeneration between individual rallies, sprints, jumps, etc.
  2. b) Regeneration between individual training sessions or games
  3. c) General health (long-term regeneration)
  4. d) Share of energy supply needed for field or space performance.

In the first and last points, it becomes clear that the specifics of each sport play a very important role here – a runner has no break during a marathon or a 1000-meter run, a football player has a change of load break than a badminton player or a Tennis player – in addition comes the duration of the respective events. As a coach (or as a player who controls his own training) you have to worry about how exactly the specifics are reflected in the preparation for the season.

On the Badmintontrainingsseite I have already written a variety of articles including videos on this topic. Although every summer is new, you do not have to reinvent the basics – I would like to guide you through the various topics plus you will later receive a few concrete summer training plans from the past that you can customize for you.

The first articles that I have written on this topic are dealing with exactly the problems described above as well as the per se as well as the construction towards the beginning of the season – who wants to do some strength training in the summer, will find in that is fundamental (and therefore still up-to-date) and can also be carried out at home with just a few tools.

In general, the topic of HIIT was on everyone’s lips for a while. High-Intensity-Interval-Training is a great way to improve your basic stamina and to work intensively in the change between stress and break, just like in the game sports – BUT also damn exhausting and stressful and I always liked sweat grips for badminton. That means: first of all NOTHING for beginners.

The last series of articles again deals exactly with the topic transition of the pure basic stamina (and yes, I think long runs still very important – but limited in time to a few weeks (depending on the training state sometimes only 2 weeks!) ) to the specifics in the field.

For the newsletter subscribers, I have put a few summer training plans online that you can customize yourself. These come from my time as a Hamburg country coach and were for athletes of all ages up to the 1st Bundesliga. We have always been able to make good use of the summer to be well trained and fit for the badminton court on time for the start of the season – which means that I would hardly change the plans. Important, especially when it comes to the specifics: do not just select exercises that “break”, but as functional as possible exercises that are a) healthy and b) you also advance technically in the field, such as lateral legwork, etc. So I have – you can see this in a plan, the summer training used to the jump and landing technique, so that what you ultimately do all the time on the field to improve. Plus – also important – in addition to all training for moving: Strength and above all stability training: here you will find in the summer training plans and of course on the side a few hints.